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Good Shepherd Manor - as a non-profit our focus is on providing loving care. 

About Us


Human Dignity Foundation started is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by a group of Catholic lay people to respond to the dignity of each person by building a better kind of residential care environment. While those with financial means have many choices, those with limited means must struggle to find a place to live and receive the care they need. Most care homes restrict access to those who can pay fully for their care or limit access to one or two that require state assistance.  Unfortunately, Medicaid does not pay enough to cover the basic cost of providing care and there are new, if any, other adult care homes in the area that are charitable non-profits.  When we were founded, a large number of those on assistance lived in the "long term" areas of skilled nursing homes.  Here they shared rooms and it often took 30 minutes or more to get a call bell answered.  We used to visit them and find them waiting in the halls watching the doors.  Now, these skilled facilities have focused their attention on the profitable side of the business -- rehabilitation.  If any, there are fewer and fewer rooms available for those with long-term care needs on Medicaid. Consequently, most either don't take them at all, or do so only while Medicare is paying at 100%.  To be fair -- they are in business and need to make a profit.  With an aging population - the need for residential care is rising.  We need to address this need and ensure that everyone lives out their lives with dignity and loving care.  Human Dignity  goal is to provide a quality living space and care to all, regardless of their financial condition. 

Human Dignity Foundation started with a community center from which volunteers went out to local care facilities to visit the residents.  We usually found them sitting in their wheel chairs in the halls waiting - watching the doors.  We made many friends during these visits as we looked for funding to build a better place.  In 2012 we were able to obtain the house that would become Good Shepherd Manor.  It required a complete remodel (including insulation, writing, plumbing, re-framing, and adding an addition).  In addition, the spacious grounds required a lot of work to manage drainage.  After two years in construction and licensing, we opened our doors in August of 2014 with a voluntary nurse manager, a resident caregiver, an additional caregiver, and our first resident.  Since that time, our home has provided loving care for up to 6 residents at a time.  Each one, has been very special to us and a part of our family.  

In addition to the home, Human Dignity also provides meeting space and a durable medical goods bank for the community.

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